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On Meditation, Kobe Bryant, and Me.

On Sunday morning I ran across a piece in The New York Times that made me stop dead in my tracks.

It was a combined interview with media mogul Arianna Huffington and superstar athlete Kobe Bryant.

And a central part of the conversation centered on not power, not success, not anything else you might assume about these individuals, but on meditation.




In The First Turning, I write of Centering Prayer, a system of prayer designed by a Trappist monk, Father Thomas Keating, that combines prayer and meditation.

Keating, Huffington, Bryant and many others have hit on a powerhouse. And they are bringing this concept into the mainstream of our society.

The topic comes up in the interview after the two are reminded of “nasty speed bumps” they encountered in their personal lives, and how they emerged greater from those crises.

Huffington is asked if she meditates and she matter-of-factly responds, “Every day.” Bryant describes his adoption of the practice as a type of “performance enhancement, as well as part of the journey of discovery”… as key to doing phenomenal things.


In 2010, I too, discovered meditation. I meditate 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. I try not to miss. If I don’t slow myself down, things just don’t feel right.

For you see, I have learned that meditation builds brain cells, increases empathy, heals trauma, lowers blood pressure, and has the curious side effect of helping us detach from the frenetic pace and chaos of the world.

Meditation is not “woo woo” stuff. It has a solid base in research that has existed for decades. I believe it should be added to our public schools and university curriculums. If we are to enter a true First Turning, then we must harness our minds, listen to the silence and realize that in that silence exists the truth of who we are meant to be.